Donor: Sangria Bx3

Receiver: Superwoman Bx3

Characteristics: A high yielding hybrid cultivar that flaunts her dominant traits in several micro regions all over the globe including more humid environments. Aquawoman features a light green, uniform bud structure that develops amber colored trichomes and has a high bud to leaf ratio.

Ideal Outdoor Spacing: 5×5

Potency: 42:1 CBD to THC ratio (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)

Harvest: 6 – 7 weeks indoor/Mid to late September outdoor

Average Yield: 2-4.5 lbs per dry plant

Hemp Seed Pricing

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Created by Trilogene Seeds, a cultivar designed for versatility in extraction and post refinement efficiency, this is a great THC compliant cultivar that packs a punch.

Aroma: A greasy mixture of engine oil and freshly harvested peaches being fermented in black pepper spices.

Flavors: A myrecene heavy profile expressing an OG dominant inhale complimented by a spicy sweetness exhale.