Berry BaOxom


Donor: Berry Blossom Bx3

Receiver: BaOx S3

Characteristics: A fast growing plant with plenty of size and structure. Large colas that will fill out throughout the plant – top and bottom. Lots of CBD oil and fiber production.Berry BaOxom has a skunky purple bud structure with tight pistil formation

Ideal Outdoor Spacing: 5×5

Potency: 43:1 CBD to THC ratio (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)

Harvest: 8 weeks indoor/Late September outdoor

Average Yield: 2-3.5 lbs per dry plant

Hemp Seed Pricing

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Created by Trilogene Seeds, designed for an early finishing purpose, this cultivar is one of the shortest photoperiodic multipurpose varieties offered on the market today.

Aroma: Earthy with a hint of berry undertones mixed with a small hint of burnt spices.

Flavors: An earthy and pine dominant flavor complemented with a tender sweetness of berries.