Hot Blonde


Genetics: R5 x Berry Blossom

Characteristics: Complex overtone of berries and floral fragrances. Rich terpenes and dense buds.

Plant size and spacing: Medium, recommended plant spacing 4’ x 4’

Potency: 31:1 CBD to THC ratio (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)

Harvest: 6 – 7 weeks indoor/Early to Mid-October outdoor

Yield:  Average Yield: Average 1 – 2 lbs per plant

Hemp Seed Pricing

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This strain is a select phenotype of the high-yielding Berry Blossom, crossed with the stout and reliable R5. Hot Blonde seed produces a large, bushy plant alit with medium to large-sized colas of extremely fragrant bright green blossoms, speckled with light blonde hairs.

Great for smokable alternatives and extraction; this high CBD cultivar loves lots of sun shine and plenty of water, especially in its flowering cycle.