Red Robin


Donor: Cherry Wine S3

Receiver: Early Bird S3

Characteristics: A plant topping 12’+ ready to demand space in any garden. Her colas fill out from top to bottom. Red Robin is a fast growing, large plant formation that shows immediate gratitude with the proper nutrient regiment. A unique cultivar ideal for greenhouse and outdoor.

Ideal Outdoor Spacing: 5×5

Potency: 38:1 CBD to THC ratio (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)

Harvest: 8+ weeks indoor/Late September-Early Octoberoutdoor

Average Yield: 1.5-3.5 lbs per dry plant

Hemp Seed Pricing

$1.25 Contact


Created by Trilogene Seeds, our in house selection of a low THC Cherry Wine backcross to our clone only Early Bird S3. Early Bird’s ambiguous lineage expresses Therapy-dominant traits from Resin Seeds.

Aroma: Garlic pepper sprinkled on a cherry grenadine kiddy cocktail mixed with fresh compost & mulch.

Flavors: An earthy array of maraschino cherries and alpha pinene.