Genetics: T1 X Cherry Blossom

Characteristics: Tall plant, but not bushy, flower has large dense colas with a sativa stretch plant shape

Plant size and spacing: Large, recommended plant spacing 5’ x 5’ or 5’x 4’ between rows

Potency: 38:1 CBD to THC ratio (depending on time of harvest and climate variables)

Harvest: 6 – 7 weeks indoor/Mid to late September outdoor

Average Yield: Average 1 – 2 lbs per plant

Hemp Seed Pricing

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The Stormy hemp strain is a cross between T1 and Cherry Blossom. A magnificent boutique strain with some of the richest terpenes of all the strains! This flower is sure to catch the attention of even the most seasoned smoker. The flavor is reminiscent of acai berries and has gassy overtones. Stormy aids in body relaxation and is a great go-to for winding down at night.